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I am a blogger, father, and I can be a geek at times. Self sufficiency is really just a hobby I still have a lot to learn about.

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    Carol Jackson

    Thanks for all the work that you are doing and sharing tips for survival. I’ve copied some and shared on my FB page. I do have a couple of questions on this one though.

    1. #1 “Stop evading soil fungus from our gardens”. Is “evading” the correct word or “invading”? Words can make a huge difference in interpretation!!

    2. #8 ” but heart attack can be prolonged or staved”. — does this mean that it will make the heart attack last longer (prolonged) or should it read “prevented”? I’m hoping it’s the latter. 🙂

    Inquiring minds need to know. I know that spell check is a wonderful thing but nothing takes the place of actual editing. 😉

    Carol J

  2. 2

    David Becker

    Carol, thanks for your spell checking of my spell checking. I replaced evading with invading. I think my spell checker might have automatically changed the misspelled word to evading. I think my spell check improperly spell checked. We can find room for you in editing our upcoming book! Someone has to do it!

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    Yes, add “off” after “staved. 🙂


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