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I am a blogger, father, and I can be a geek at times. Self sufficiency is really just a hobby I still have a lot to learn about.

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    George Mason

    Mr. Becker,

    I concur with your assessment of America’s state of the union–it is a sorry mess. Our culture is skating on thin ice. The masses are lulled into a false sense of security through the narcotics of entertainment, a passion for the next shiny object, and a thousand other culturally-endorsed distractions. And when that thin ice breaks, all hell will break loose leaving the masses to wonder, “how could this happen?”

    Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum in Israel displays one of the guiding principles in the death camps: it reads “Keep the deception going for as long as possible”. Our government is using that dictum to hoodwink Americans into thinking a collapse is impossible. As you pointed out so well, not only is it possible, it is inevitable.

    Thank you for your thoughtful and timely article.

    Blessings – Bro Geo

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    David Becker

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I like to look at Hitler and use him as an example of what is possible. A lot of his methods prior to his turn in power are being seen today here in America. Sure it can be coincidental but history repeats.

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    The authorities tell us we can’t protect ourselves, just be a victim of crime, yet they do nothing about it. There is a saying amongst cops, “if he looks scary, leave him alone”. For thousands of years society was able to rid itself of bullies and thugs. Our current system has allowed the proliferation of dangerous people within our society, there is nothing law abiding people can do about it. The current legal system not only protects violent criminals, it allows them to thrive and increase in numbers. The collapse will bring some of the most violent times humanity has ever witnessed.

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    Mr. Becker, the republicans for the past 55 years with their extreme GREED have caused any financial situation the U.S. is currently in thank you very much.

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    David Becker

    I feel that both Democrats and Republicans are at fault for not being fiscally conservative. Democrats love to piss money away on feel good social programs that are not needed. Republicans love spending money on war. For the record I am NOT Democrat nor am I A Republican.


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