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I am employed by the state full time as well as a website developer on the side part time. I am a full time father and now a blogger as well I suppose.

Not really that much to put here. I worry about the economy in America. More so after the Obama re-election. I feel things may be falling apart even if we can not see it.

Edit: I have stopped focusing so much on our country and its woes (we can not control any of it) and started to simply try and figure out ways of being more self sufficient.

Its a long hard work in progress but if I can pass any of it off to my children while they are growing to take with them when they leave the nest this hobby of mine becomes worth every minute.

I started this blog more so to teach myself new and interesting ways to aid in surviving any pitfalls from a post economic (seems likely) fallout, or  any basic disaster scenario for that matter.  What ever I pick up on the way I am more than happy to share.

You can contact me through this site if need be.  Best of luck.


I’m a high tech redneck. I grew up in the country; hunting, fishing, backpacking, learning to can food, smoking 3e9c60ae-91dd-4621-ad79-2db69deba7d6meats, building, farming, etc. I decided to make a change from swinging a hammer or selling firearms to fixing computers. I’ve been all around the world, including the sandbox, working for various agencies hunting, tracking and countering terrorism.

Now, I’ve gone back to a less complicated life and have settled back to where I call home in Oregon.

I’ve learned how to do a lot of different things in my life and I’ve always wanted to share my experiences. I’ already doing that with my children, but if we are going to survive as a country, more people need to learn how as well.

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