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David Becker

I am a blogger, father, and I can be a geek at times. Self sufficiency is really just a hobby I still have a lot to learn about.

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    Linda S Cain

    I live on a net income of $400 a week now . I pay out more than half of that for the roof over my head, but somehow manage to stay afloat. That will not be possible for much longer if gas keeps going up or my 12yr old truck quits on me. I have lived almost my whole adult life below the poverty level but worked every day. Saving for retirement under these cicumstances was not possible. However I raised 3 wonderful kids that had no doubt in their minds that I would discipline them if necessary, they are all grown now with kids of their own. At 61yrs I have known always that I will have to work until I drop dead in my tracks.

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    David Becker

    I am sorry to hear that and it is very sad that you have to fight to stay a float. You did your time. God bless.


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