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I'm a high tech redneck. I grew up in the country; hunting, fishing, backpacking, learning to can food, smoking meats, building, farming, etc. I decided to make a change from swinging a hammer or selling firearms to fixing computers. I've been all around the world, including the sandbox, working for various agencies hunting, tracking and countering terrorism. Now, I've gone back to a less complicated life and have settled back to where I call home in Oregon. I've learned how to do a lot of different things in my life and I've always wanted to share my experiences. I' already doing that with my children, but if we are going to survive as a country, more people need to learn how as well.

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    David Becker

    Great read Jim. In NY it is very hard to get a concealed carry depending on what county you live in. In NYC it is impossible. The harder to carry the higher the gun crime, go figure. I have a CC permit through my employment but seek to also gain through my county.

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    ty reynolds

    I believe in this area you need evaluate your situation. Stay in and fortify, or Bug Out safely. In my situation bugging in is our option, 7 people, 3 kids,2 seniors, and my wife and I. We.live on a vineyard, small farm by a great lake, so we have some advantages. But we have started to prepare, with medical supplies, canned food, arms, ammo and more. A little at a time we’ve learned new skills and practice old ones.

    Think about your options plan for scenarios, and practice.


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