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    well, I would also pull my glock 23 out of the holster

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    Soylent Magenta

    I think a lot of folks do not understand how a crowd of angry folks can quickly turn into a pack of homicidal maniacs bent on destroying and killing everything in its path.

    Just because you have never wronged someone in your entire life does not mean they will not injure and kill you. The do not know who you are. You are just another face to them.

    1. 2.1

      David Becker

      I agree completely. We live in dangerous times.

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    If I experience a situation when a rioter takes a bat to one of my windows as I slowly pass by, then Katie bar the door…because I am going to do what I can to remove myself from that situation. Even if it means running over a dozen unruly rioters. If it means jail, so be it….if my family is in danger…I will defend them.

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    Joe C

    You might also consider using the Waze app, every time you get in the car. This can prevent nearly every one of these occurrences from happening to you. The only exception would be if you are right there when it gets started.

  5. 5


    They forgot: lock the door and windows when you drive. Why make it easier for them, too?

  6. 6


    Stomp a mud hole!

  7. 7


    Drive over them and never stop if you feel threatened. Keep your guns. They work and do come in handy.

  8. 8

    Richard Rider

    In Texas, there are over 825,000 people legally allowed to pack heat on their person when in public. In addition, Texas (like a few other states) allows ANYONE who legally owns a gun to carry it loaded in their car.

    You know what you DON’T find in Texas? Leftists blocking the road — let alone a mob attacking a vehicle.

    I’m sure there’s no connection, of course.


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