Our Favorite Links

Welcome to our links page. Here you will find a list of pages we like and want to share. We hope they are of use. We try to link to other prepper/shtf/homesteading pages but as a rule of thumb we don’t rule anything out.

Note to other webmasters… if you wish to submit a RELATED link please do using the form below. After review if it fits our overall scope it will be shared.

Non-webmasters may also use the form to submit sites they find interesting. Everything is screened by someone before approval. Submitting junk is a easy way of getting canned. Below is our directory of links.

If you scroll down below our directory of links you will find a submission form to submit your own links. Keep in mind you must be logged in to not only submit a link but to even see the submit form on this page. Or if you are lazy you can just contact me.

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