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I am a blogger, father, and I can be a geek at times. Self sufficiency is really just a hobby I still have a lot to learn about.

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    Just found your blog and I’m wondering how this worked out for you. I had the idea to make 5 gallon buckets into planters today and I’d love to up my game by making them self watering also…I ran across one other tutorial that seemed like more than what I am up for, but this seems really easy and inexpensive, which are both huge wins.

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      David Becker

      Learning process. The irrigation system was a joke. It took up too much space. I think it would work better with a half gallon plastic container. The critters plucked a lot of my tomatoes and peppers to add insult. I am doing it again this year and focusing on better drainage, more soil and better critter control. We are in a new home screaming garden but I am going to get the buckets going again this year for their portability. Im not too displeased with last years outcome, and should do better this year. I will amend this post when I am done.


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