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    You had such a reasonable sounding dialogue going. Then the first sentence of the last paragraph. *smh* I by no means condone the behaviour of the looters or more violent protesters who used the situation as an excuse to act out. I do believe a number of the protesters truly believed there was an injustice. “Far from no good reason”.

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      David Becker

      I am sorry to say I disagree. There is never a valid reason to loot in a civilized world with a functioning economy. And rioting should only ever be accepted in some sort of last resort… Think Nazi Germany or worse. These people started to destroy their own town hours after a man fleeing the scene of a strong armed robbery was shot in the street. They presumed he was innocent and acted in haste. Sadder still I believe with all my heart if the officer (who had attack wounds on his face before discharging his weapon) were black instead of white not only would the media have not covered this story but I feel the riots would have NEVER happened. I think that in its self is a bigger problem.

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    Gary F

    Thank you David, I believe we have to observe the golden rule.. treat others (under all conditions especially where public property is concerned) as you would expect others to treat you (or public property).

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    Captain Blacktoe

    Ferguson is a suburb of St. Louis, part of the metro area not a small town outside of St. Louis.

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    Seeds, Shovels, & Sankofa

    You’ve said “There is never a valid reason to loot in a civilized world with a functioning economy.” Most preppers know that this so-called “functioning economy” is paper thin, has been for decades, and has never functioned properly for millions of Americans historically regardless of race, and this is why US history is dotted with hundreds very violent riots since it’s beginning, with the overwhelming vast majority of these riots being initiated by poor and working class whites (even most of race riots).

    Though I myself prefer peace and civility, your white forefathers have hit the streets and brutally fought the police, looted, and rioted for centuries, unfortunately, rioting and looting is as American as apple pie, but of course, this is not what you or I was taught in school.

    Civil disobedience in America was championed by the Civil Rights movement as a civil defense against the violence, tyranny, and terrorist actions of white Americans.

    What you saw in Ferguson is the “canary in the coal mine” and if (or when) the economy implodes, the coffers are empty, and unemployment skyrockets, the Ferguson factor may become the unfortunate norm amongst whites, blacks, browns, and people of all colors.

    Either people are going to take it and steal it like Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, the bankers, and politicians, or the rioters and the looters… I don’t condone any of this, however, the truth be told, history speaks louder than my own personal sentiments


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